Destinations that you can not miss in the province of Jujuy

7 places you must visit if you are in Jujuy

Regardless from the holidays you choose there are some places in each destination that are unmissable. Jujuy, land of mountains and colors, is not far behind and offers tourists different attractions that you can not miss.

1. Hornocal: located 30 kilometers from the city of Humahuaca rests one of the most impressive wonders of the world: the best known as the hill of the 14 colors (bending over the famous hill of Purmamarca). This rock formation remained for a long time hidden in the eyes of the tourist, but gradually began to receive due attention. Today it is one of the main attractions of Jujuy.

2. Salinas Grandes: 120 kilometers from the city of Purmamarca, is this large area of ​​white soil. The magnitude of this place is able to amaze anyone. Not only is it possible to travel a large part of it, but also talks are offered with the workers who explain what the work in the saline is about.

3. Hill of 7 colors: As the name implies, the main attraction of this elevation is the colors that are projected by the reflection of the light and its different heights and floors. A delight for the eyes of millions and millions of years.

4. Laguna Colorada: In Yavi this place stands out as one of the main attractions. The importance of this site is not only the water mirror, but the surrounding areas that are plagued with animals that live free and complete the landscape.

5. General Belgrano Square: Although it loses some of its splendor compared to the incredible landscapes found in Jujuy, this square is the main one in the city and deserves to be highlighted. It has large green areas and is an economic and natural way out.

6. Quebrada de Humahuaca: From a space that remained between two mountains, this ravine was formed, which until today continues to awaken sighs. This place was declared Cultural and Natural Heritage of Humanity so it should surely be among your plans on your next visit.

7. Termas de Reyes: It is probably a surprise for many, but a short time from the city of San Salvador de Jujuy are these underground waters that reach more than 50 degrees. In addition to relaxing the body and making you have a pleasant time, they have the virtue of generating certain health benefits of those who visit them.