Humita, typical food of northern Argentina

Typical foods: "la Humita"

Present in almost all the geography of the Andes Mountains its flavor is, was and will be the very representation of Pachamama (Mother Earth) in our kitchen.

The Quichua voices called him humint'a: humita, the conquerors were castilized.

It consists basically of a corn paste, lightly seasoned and wrapped in leaves of a corncob and boiled until it is cooked. Goat cheese and finely sliced ​​onion are added. There are also those who add some squash and sometimes season with spices. The variant "to the pot" dispenses with the wrap in flat. La Humita contains not only the Andean flavor, but also the memory of ancient hands, tanned in the corn crops and in that blond shortbread of the corn, all the mysticism of the Inti father who blessed him for his Rune children in creation.

Mother of the Corn
Mother of the Corn

I want to sing the tongue out
I want to sing the tongue out

life passes the humita remains
free and simple the humita remains
Carnavalcito, box e'chirlera
In blooms, e'chirlera box
love passes and humitates it
His eyes go, the humita remains

For the gods to roar
for the people to sing
With a trickle of chala, my heart interwoven ...
Lara, Lara, Lara, Lai ...
through the veins of life goes the humid blood inside.

Land of the soul, dream of greda
ay Pachamama, dream of greda
They steal all the humita
gold covered the humita remains
In the memory of the apacheta
in the bowels of apacheta
the basil cries the humita remains
free and simple the humita remains.