Atacama Desert in Chile

Bus Tickets to San Pedro de Atacama

From the hotel we recently opened the sale of tickets to San Pedro de Atacama and Calama, as a measure to make it easier for people to have to go to jump to buy or have to wait for the bus without a ticket.

Anyone who wants to buy a ticket to San Pedro de Atacama should read this note carefully.

Important: according to nationality, there are different taxes that apply. And it is important that the passenger checks that his documentation is up to date: days allowed in the country, expiration of the passport.

  • DESTINATIONS we sell: San Pedro de Atacama and Calama
  • Departure TIMES: between 9.00 AM and 9.30 AM.
  • PLACE OF DEPARTURE: embark on Purmamarca, at the door of the Manantial del Silencio Hotel.
  • DEPARTURE DAYS: Monday, Thursday and Saturdays.
  • ARRIVAL HOURS: it is estimated, under normal conditions, arrival at approximately 16.30 / 17.-hs. To Calama between 18.30 / 19.-hs of the same day.

TAXES: Argentine citizens and foreign residents must pay 5% of the ticket price to the AFIP.

Foreigners are exempt from this tax.

The bus is a double floor, from the Gemini company.

DOCUMENTATION: Argentines can travel exclusively with the new digitized ID (the manuscript, no).

Brazilians, Paraguayans, Uruguayans, Chileans and Peruvians with their national identification document and present a ticket from the Migration Directorate where the date of entry to the Country is recorded.

For the remaining countries, only passports. Check the validity of the same, stamp of entry to Argentina and term of permanence (maximum 90 days). There are cases with single or multiple visas special for students or work.

There is restriction for citizens of Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and Haiti. China, India and other Asian countries. Please check it.

LUGGAGE: Passengers have the right to carry as luggage a suitcase or backpack and a small handbag. It is excluded to bring surfboard and bicycles. However, consult.