Bus Schedule

This is a small list of buses and combis to go to Humahuaca, Purmamarca, Juella, Iruya, Xavi, etc. .. We are going to try to keep it updated. If you have any data or reference you want to add just send us an email (antiguatilcara@gmail.com) so we can share the information with everyone.


  • Section from San Salvador de Jujuy to La Quiaca (going through Purmamarca, Tilcara and Humuahuaca)
    The companies that make this journey are Evelia, Balut, Panamericano, Jama, Quiaqueño, Cotta Norte. A good alternative to visit these destinations is with a shared taxi.
  • Service Frequency (from Tilcara)
    To Purmamarca and La Quiaca: every 2 hours
    To Humahuaca and San Salvador de Jujuy, every 45 min.
  • To take into account: Since Purmamarca is not over the Route 9, but 3km inward over Route 52, not all the buses stop in Purmamarca. You can ask to be left at the crossroad of Route 9 and Route 52 and walk the 3 km. If you decide to wait for a Bus, either from Tilcara or from Jujuy, that enters Purmamarca, the frequency of these buses is every 2 hours approx., and they are called "local services". They differ from "fast or direct services" in that they do not enter villages far from Route 9.
  • To visit other destinations further away from Route 9
  • From Tilcara or Humahuaca to Iruya
    You have to take any of the buses that leaves from Tilcara at 07:20; 08:00; 9:20; 10:30 and 14:00. They stop in Humahuaca at 08:00; 08:40; 10:20; 14:40 respectively.
  • From Tilcara to Yavi
    Take a bus to La Quiaca. From La Quiaca take a taxi from the Municipal Market. Approximate time 4 hours from Tilcara.

From Tilcara to Salinas
Take a shared taxi from the bus station of Purmamarca, between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Approximate time 3 hours round trip.

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